Plymouth Themes


Arch Charge

by: Simon McDougall


Arch Charge is a Plymouth theme based on Fedora’s Plymouth theme, Charge. I recreated the animation they used, frame by frame, with the ArchLinux logo instead of the Fedora logo. Like Charge, Arch Charge is based on Plymouth’s two-step module, which advances the animation based on boot-up progress, then finishes with a second animation.

There are two variants of Arch Charge, the regular and the Big version. I created the Big version first, which features a massive 200px logo. While I liked the way this looked, especially on my smaller laptop screen, I decided it was too big and lacked the elegance of the original Charge theme.

While ArchLinux tends to boot almost too fast for most people to bother with a Plymouth theme, I like the extra polish it brings to the boot process. On my desktop I have an SSD which causes Arch to boot so fast it goes straight to GDM. Even on that machine though, I still get to enjoy this theme time to time when the boot process takes longer, such as when it decides a disk check is necessary. I find that the animation gives it a nice feeling of “don’t worry, things are still happening” while I wait.


Arch Charge

Arch Charge Preview

Arch Charge Big

Arch Charge Big Preview


Currently, I've only packaged this theme for Arch. If for some reason you'd like it packaged for another distro, let me know it the comments below. Otherwise, you can download the source below and install it manually.